Twins, Triplets and Quads, preparing for birth and parenting.

About Vesta Birth and Parenting

Hello! I’m Sarah and I founded Vesta Birth and Parenting following my own experiences during pregnancy and the early years. When I was expecting my triplets I experienced a troublesome “high risk” pregnancy and felt excluded from the branches of mainstream antenatal courses that were available. There feels to be very little out there for parents who are experiencing complex pregnancies. The premature birth of my daughters only compounded this postnatally.

Speaking to other parents at groups I found that I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t find an antenatal class to meet my needs.

Like me, others felt like they weren’t comfortable going along to what was already on offer.

Like me, they wanted to access support without having to re-mortgage their house.

Here began the beginning of Vesta!

I wanted to provide a service to parents which was truely inclusive for all families. We aren’t exclusive to multiples or complex pregnancies. Thanks to extensive training and continuing professional development, there is very little that we do not offer.

Though there is an established provision of birth and parenting education nationally, at Vesta Birth and Parenting our services are structured to ensure that you are treated as individuals, there is no right or wrong, no one size fits all and absolutely no judgement. I guess that most people say that – but genuinely, we sit firmly on the fence and you have complete control over your own journey because you help us to tailor make your course content alongside us.

Whilst we have a fun approach we aim to support parents to access and review evidence based information to support decision making. We do this whilst maintaining a high level of practical learning to ensure that our sessions leave you feeling a little more confident about your parenting journey.

Twins, Triplets and Quads, preparing for birth and parenting.Vesta Birth and Parenting offer specialist support to multiple birth families. We believe that we are the only provider able to say that our multiple birth sessions are facilitated by a professionally trained Birth Practitioner who also happens to be a triplet mum!

Specific multiple birth support is offered throughout pregnancy and into the early years, from weaning, to sleep, to potty training.

I am a university trained Birth and Beyond Facilitator and with long history of offering peer support to families. I currently volunteer for Bliss supporting families within hospital and in the community. I have spoken frequently at events about my experiences as a parent of multiples for both multiple birth families and professionals. Most importantly perhaps, I am a parent. Pregnancy and the early years are exciting, sometimes terrifying and Vesta Birth and Parenting has been established to support you through this incredible time of your lives.

I look forward to meeting you soon…..


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