This weekend the trio and I visited a small campsite just outside of Boddington in Northamptonshire.

If you have been following the blog for a while you will know that we are big fans of the outdoors and you can’t get morecamping farm outdoors than sleeping under canvas.

It was our first trip in our new Outwell tent. Thankfully all went without a hitch, and we had three happy girls, one happy dog and two happy parents.

We were camping with a group of friends and Crossing Farm campsite was blissfully small and crucially this meant that we were able to allow the children plenty of freedom. It definitely went down well!

The campsite had incredibly clean facilities, two toilets and two showers in the ladies which where spider free for the entire bank holiday weekend (I checked). You can access the site relatively quickly from the motorway, there are large supermarkets close by and two co-ops within a five minute drive – perfect for picking up pints of milk and extra sausages for the barbecue.

The site is surrounded by farmland, my three particularly enjoyed the cows and goats who seem to spend a lot of time stood at the adjoining fence, entertaining the children. The layout of the campsite is also perfectly designed for scooting and balance bikes! I’m pretty sure that this is an unintended feature but it’s handy for parents all the same.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… How much sleep did we get? As we found last year, the children slept really well. In fact on Sunday morning one of my girls slept in until after nine in the morning – this is something that is practically unheard of at home. It must be true what they say about fresh air tiring out little ones!

Once they got to sleep (which admittedly was a little bit harder than at home but still not a big drama) they weren’t woken by the noise of other campers or lights from people’s torches walking past. I will hold my hands up and say that there was one night where one of my girls woke up. This was thanks to a rather loud cacophony of snoring! It was pretty impressive but unfortunately for her she believed that it was actually a bear!

Whilst we were there we visited Daventry Country Park. There is a brilliant playground and a few different walks. The lakeside walk was just the right distance for the little legs of my three year old triplets and there was certainly a thumbs up at the end when they clocked the ice cream shop.

On the second day we were able to walk down to the nearby Boddington Reservoir straight from our campsite. I’m not going to lie… the distance was a bit too much for our children and we ended up hiking up a very steep road which had a national speed limit to shortcut back home. Not exactly a relaxing countryside experience…. You win some, you lose some I suppose!

I love sharing the outdoors with my girls, before they were born my husband and I used to spend most of our weekends on the mountains or at the coast. It’s really exciting when you can begin to share these experiences with your children. I’ve included links so that you can check out where we went, and don’t forget to have a look at the blog posts on “life and travels with triplets” for more ideas and information. Happy camping!

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