We are currently drying out after a fairly dramatic weekend camping in the Yorkshire dales. We = myself, the triplets, one husband and one dog.

Now, I’m going to be honest. We live a stones throw from the Yorkshire Dales,

A sad dog and a child on a tablet!

A sad dog and a child on a tablet!

the rain was no great surprise for us! It was however the first time that we have “done rain” whilst camping with the trio.

This weekend was meant to be a test run before our humongous summer camping adventure. Testing, was probably about right.

Challenge #1

In our infinite wisdom, we decided that the trio and I would head up to Wood Nook Campsite in the afternoon and set up the tent ourselves before Mr Vesta joined us later that evening after work. You can imagine that our family of 5 (6 including the pooch) has rather a large tent, which we fill with copious amounts of crap useful stuff. Why in gods name I thought that doing this was a good idea I don’t know. To add insult to injury, we were also on a time trial. Good old BBC weather told me that I needed to get it all sorted before 3pm because that was the time that it was going to start raining. Big time.

coffee at kilnsey

There was, I admit, one pole cock up but despite having never put the tent up solo (whilst supervising triplets and a dog) it was a moderately stress free experience. It has confirmed my suspicions that two of my three are incapable of following instructions but at least now I know which one to shout for help when the shit hits the fan.

It took a good hour of hard graft but the moment I plonked myself into my brand new camping chair the feeling of achievement was incredible. Of course, I popped a congratulatory and self gratifying post on faceyb before I had even caught my breath.

Challenge #2

Rain. Then more rain. Then a bit more. Luckily for us, the girls didn’t seem to notice. I’d packed for rain! This is what was in my locker:

Ravensburger Gruffalo Dominoes
Trefl Round-Puzzle Spider’s Leap Spiderman (150 Pieces)(Please god don’t take puzzles camping unless you have a table. You will not have a good time!)
Ravensburger Disney Princess Mini Memory

Rain Kit
REGATTA CHILDRENS FULLY WATERPROOF TROUSERS – ALL AGES (AGE – 3/4, NAVY BLUE) (trousers are SO much easier than all in ones. Peeling off a dripping wet all in one for them to have a wee is just no fun for anyone!)
Highlander Lightweight Bergan Cover – Orange, 20-30 Litres (for us to keep all their stuff dry!)
Fire Tablet, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB (Magenta) – Includes Special Offers (our first trip with tablets and they definitely came in handy!)

What we did…

In better weather, Wood Nook campsite would have been fab. It’s pretty

The day that ducks stop doing it for my three will be a sad one!

spacious, has idyllic views, a huge field for ball games, a play area and private woodland walks. Unfortunately, we didn’t really get to appreciate any of that.

We did however visit Kilnsey Trout Farm. Despite being regular visitors to the Dales, we have never stumbled inside here. The café did a good job of lifting our soggy spirits (though beware of the enticing children’s toy section which we stupidly sat right next to). How do kids manage to find a convincing argument for needing almost every toy in the world?

There is a nature trail and some fun fishing that kids can try their hands at.

We swerved the fun fishing. I’m not quite ready to bash a fish on the head and

This made me laugh a lot!

explain to the girls why I am doing it.

Instead we had a nosey around the nature trail. The girls enjoyed spotting the fish, meeting the alpacas, waddling after ducklings, chasing chickens and they

Checking out the bee hive!

were surprisingly intrigued by the bee stuff. (They are fully paid up members of the insect fearing club.)

Despite the rain…

We still had a great time. We had weird but incredible food, cooked on a camping stove in the boot of the car (pretty sure that this is probably dangerous and not advisable). We stayed up late, drinking wine by lantern-light, the girls and dogs had freedom to explore and enjoy the outdoors. So this seems fairly apt….

Rainy days,


Rainy nights,

Wash the world,

Set to right


Despite copious searches I can’t find the author of the poem to pay them credit. However, post camping trip we are a bit less stressed, a bit more connected to each other and of course, looking forward to the next one in a few weeks!

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