Every new mum has been there, felt the rising panic whilst having their imaginations run wild into the darkest of places.

It doesn’t help that you’re exhausted. You are acutely aware that you have spent your entire day tending to every minute need, being hyper aware of every single cue and you can’t think what you have missed. The answer – nothing! Saying that – it’s likely that your baby may need more of one of the needs that you have just recently met.

1) Think tummy. You know that babies tummies are tiny, starting at about the size of a marble. You have “normal hunger” to think about, then there is all of those sporadic pop ups like cluster feeding, growth spurts, development leaps etc. Then…. on top of all that, think about what you do when you need a bit of comfort, or perking up, or a boost – I know that I reach for the comfort food more often than not!

2) Think bum – seriously, they can go through nappies faster than I go through coffee. It’s not just a change though – is the nappy too loose or too tight? Could it be irritating them? What does their skin look like? I love Bepanthen for sore bums. 3) Temperature? Getting too hot used to drive one of my girls WILD! Even when she was in Neonatal Care I knew when she was too hot because all of the monitoring went through the roof! Have a feel of your babies temperature by touching their tummy or the back of their necks. If your baby is too hot, they will feel clammy and the skin will be hot to touch.

4) Is your baby comfy? Is some clothing digging in? Is there any threads caught on fingers or toes? Children and adults can make these minor adjustments really easily but babies (bless them) are so helpless. I know how annoying it is when I have scratchy labels on my clothes – not being able to sort this out would make me grumpy for sure!

5) Overstimulated? It could be that there is (or has been) just too much going on and your baby is mentally drained and is struggling to switch off. In my antenatal/postnatal courses we think about the concept of womb to world. Try taking your baby somewhere with dim lighting, away from any hustle and bustle from the rest of the family. Some parents find white noise really useful too.

6) Your anxious – we rarely have the luxury of having another adult around but it could be that your baby is picking up on your anxiety about the crying and it’s turning into a circle of events. If there is someone around – maybe even a neighbour, see if they can carry out step 5 for you whilst you grab a few minutes (and maybe a cuppa) to help you relax a bit.

7) Developmetal leaps (Check out the wonder weeks), PURPLE crying and colic are often associated with babies who are struggling to settle,

If crying is persistent and you feel like your baby is struggling – get them checked out by a GP and speak to your Health Visitor. There are a few underlyin7 Things to check when your baby won't stop cryingg issues that can cause persistant crying in babies.


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