Let me start by saying my three LOVE this game!


What I thought…

It is aimed at age 3+ and I think that that is a fairly good estimate. They loved popping the Velcro numbers on the clock and counting their way around. I can see that it has longevity in it too as they learn the complexities of telling the time.

The Velcro bit is probably one of my favourite parts – the whole thing is interchangeable – giving the parents chance to interchange the difficulty and purpose of the game.

There is four different story pictures which the makers all claim help with visual perception, motor skills, memory, social skills, creativity and imagination. I am inclined to agree with them.

Weirdly – I love that it has its own “proper box” meaning that its neatly stored away. My pre-parent self will be peeing her pants laughing at that statement put those of you with four year olds and older will be with me knowing that the amount of little bits of crap stuff they have lying around at this age is OUT OF CONTROL!!!

A good budget game that we have played regularly since it arrived.

we received two of these games for free in return for this Smart Watch Game Review. As always the review is honest and not sugar coated.

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