As a mum of three I know that being a parent automatically makes you feel guilty about something!

Here are a few things that I want you to drop off that list right now!

  1. For living in a house littered with plates, washing and toys
  2. For having a car that resembles your house
  3. For leaving washing up in the sink
  4. For running the dishwasher an extra time with a few new plates because you can’t be arsed emptying it
  5. For washing the same load of clothes for days on end because you keep forgetting to put it in the dryer
  6. For napping when your child naps meaning the above 5 points occur regularly
  7. For going back to work and using childcare
  8. For staying at home and using childcare
  9. For staying at home and not using childcare
  10. For buying their clothes and toys second hand
  11. For not breastfeeding
  12. For not breastfeeding for long enough
  13. For breastfeeding for too long
  14. For giving them banana porridge at bedtime hoping it will help them sleep
  15. For vacination choices
  16. For how your birth went
  17. For feeling sad
  18. For feeling overwhelmed
  19. For dreaming about a break
  20. For missing playgroup
  21. For missing playdates
  22. For loosing touch with old friends
  23. For being a helicopter parent
  24. For being exhausted
  25. For being resentful of your partner
  26. For being resentful of other mums
  27. For looking like crap
  28. For making an effort
  29. For feeling guilty
  30. For secretly not caring about all of the above.


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