A little while ago I was sent some a wee treat through the post from Kit and Coco.

Now, you may not see Nit Repellent products as a treat but as someone who has a big aversion to critters, it was worth its weight in golf to me!

Let me set the record straight for any nervous school mum friends… we have remained gloriously nit free for my first four and a half years of parenthood, but now that my three long haired ladies are in school, nits are definitely on my radar!

The thing that terrifies me most, isn’t actually the nits themselves… it’s the time consuming and gruesome process to get rid of the little blighters, coupled with the fact we’d be doing this three times over.2016-12-07

Kit and Coco seem to simplify this process and better than that the products aren’t completely full of harsh chemicals either!
The formula utilise the natural qualities of coconut oil and plant based products to eliminate head lice and nits in a gentle yet effective way. It looks like and smells like normal shampoo too.
So I digress, the kind folks at Kit and Coco sent me some supplies and we had a test. It washed the girls hair nicely, smelled good (has the added bonus of nit repellent in too) and the pink headband was a total winner!

I had a browse through the Kit and Coco website and – even though it is obviously geared up to selling you their fab stuff, it’s also full of useful info too. There is a popular questions section where I picked up a few hints and tips – such as their recommendation of keeping sheets, toys and clothing etc. sealed in a plastic bag for a couple of days before washing them to make sure the lice have all popped their clogs!

Will I be keeping the product for the dreaded day that we get a letter home from school? Yes.

Would I recommend to a friend? Yes – because it seems gentle yet effective


Sarah x


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