Pregnancy and Birth

04May 2016

Recently a friend asked me to explain what “active birth” actually is, admitting later that she thought it was a concept far more exotic than it turned out. As you can imagine an active birth is one in which mum is moving around freely, using birth positions and movements with the intention of facilitating the […] Continue reading

16Feb 2016

As you probably know, my “day job” involves supporting parents during pregnancy and beyond. In order to do this effectively I find myself pouring over the NICE guidelines (clinical guidelines) constantly. Within each of the guidelines relating to pregnancy and birth, there is a three letter phrase peppered throughout. Woman centred care. It is everywhere and […] Continue reading

02Sep 2015
Vesta Birth and Parenting

 This post contains some affiliate links. Packing your hospital bag is exciting. It’s also a bloody nightmare, unless of course your chosen place of birth welcomes expectant mums through the doors with huge suitcases! Packing for your C-section can be daunting, just remember that usually anything that you forget can be picked up in hospital […] Continue reading

23Aug 2015

  Recently, I have been writing about the induction of labour  and sweeping the membranes. Well, to facilitate understanding of both of these processes it is useful to increase our knowledge surrounding that little mystery that we call the cervix. Most of us know that we have one. We know that it’s down there. We know that it […] Continue reading

19Aug 2015

Following the article on induction of labour, I thought it would be useful to have some information available to expectant parents surrounding “sweeping the membranes”. This is known affectionately (I think) in my part of the world as a stretch and sweep. Oh the glamour. Sweeping the membranes is an intervention to encourage the onset […] Continue reading

30May 2015

In this post, twin mum Natalie talks about her experiences of pregnancy and one really important job that she completely forgot about. The memory of being sent for an early scan at the hospital to discover that rather than having what was suspected to be an ectopic pregnancy was in fact a twin pregnancy is […] Continue reading

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