06Dec 2016

You know me, I like a bit of research, a bit of science to help us navigate our way through the tough bits of parenting. The trouble is, there is naff all research about infant and toddler naps. It’s a HUGE area of concern for so many parents. It seems it’s one of those situations where we […] Continue reading

21Jun 2016

Slings and sleep We know from research studies that having a young baby in very close contact can have benefits for both parents and the baby(ies). Parents are increasingly using slings to help them to do this… **Twin mums & dads, you can definitely get twins in a sling comfortably… If you are a Vesta […] Continue reading

19May 2016

Let’s be honest, sitting on the floor of someone else’s’ (insert baby/toddler/pre-schooler here) bedroom barely talking and potentially avoiding eye contact is pretty hardcore, I also don’t think we acknowledge the loneliness that this sleep deprivation inflicts. Night time parenting is tough. We have all been there, whether it’s with a young baby, a playful toddler or […] Continue reading

03May 2016

Have you heard of sleep associations in babies and toddlers before? Pick up any mainstream sleep book and you’ll see that sleep associations are an inevitable consequence of everyone’s bedtime. Yours, mine, the kids and even the grumpy sod down the road too. Sleep associations can have both positive and negative influence in terms of parenting. […] Continue reading

29Jan 2015

Napping, development and my thoughts and twitterings… A study from the University of Sheffield has revealed that napping helps infants to retain new learning and develop their memory. The research has highlighted the importance of sleep in terms of helping baby’s cognitive development and it was identified that the best time for infants to learn […] Continue reading