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Napping, development and my thoughts and twitterings… A study from the University of Sheffield has revealed that napping helps infants to retain new learning and develop their memory. The research has highlighted the importance of sleep in terms of helping baby’s cognitive development and it was identified that the best time for infants to learn […] Continue reading

Multiple Births, facts and figures During 2012, in the UK we welcomed 12,466 sets of twins, 221 sets of triplets and 5 sets of quads into our midst! Essentially there are two types of twins. Identical twins or monozygotic twins occurs when a single egg splits within the first two weeks following fertilisation. Fraternal, non-identical […] Continue reading

The term “birth plan” will be fairly familiar to most expectant parents. Essentially, it is a document through which you can communicate your wishes to any professionals who will assist you during your labour and birth. A lot has been written about birth plans, mostly positive. Many argue that the process of writing a birth […] Continue reading