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***Sleep Diary*** – the first step in understanding what might be challenging your little one overnight and how to adapt your night time parenting.

***Sleep e-course***- grab this to 35(ish) minute e-course to listen to some of the most common points that come up when I am working with sleep

Expecting multiples - the nitty gritty. Join me to hear what life has been like as a multiple mum and learn from my ups and downs! You’ll find out about those important first weeks at home and what you can expect when looking after more than one baby.

An overview of straightforward labour and birth - here we explore the physiology of straightforward labour and birth, the science of it and why many mums would benefit from a bit of line dancing during the big event!

***Free self-care eBook for mums*** small, easy and cheap ways to inject a little bit of self care into your busy life!

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