Pregnancy and Parenting Support

Our courses and bespoke support are designed to help you navigate the confusing times that come hand and hand with being a parent. There is a huge amount of information out there, some of it is great and some of it is can make you feel even more lost and confused than when you started.

I remember clearly that there seems to be decisions to be made at every turn. Support from Vesta can help you navigate your feelings about what choices feel right for you and your family. Visit our about us page to find out why we are a credible source of support at such an important time in your life.

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Available courses and packages:

Every new antenatal client is entitled to a free 30 minute phone consultation before booking. To organise yours, fill in our contact form here.

Preparing for Multiple Birth ConsultationsOne to one Birth Support

(eg. birth prep, antenatal courses, nursery set up)

Our one to one birth consultations can be done in person, via Skype or Video Chat. The content can be 100% influenced by you, [read more]

The Stork Package – the premium antenatal and postnatal support package

This comprehensive package includes 8 hours of antenatal classes over two or three sessions (held either in person or via skype) ongoing email support until the birth of your baby and 8 weeks of online postnatal support whilst you find your feet. [read more]

Birth and Caring for your newborn

Twins, Triplets and Quads, preparing for birth and parenting. Twins, Triplets and Quads, Birth and Parenting Support

This comprehensive, bespoke support will explore the physical and emotional influences of birthing multiples. Different birthing options are covered and we will ensure that your individual needs and preferences are met throughout. [Read more]


 Bespoke Sleep Plan

We are really excited to announce the introduction of our brand spanking new Bespoke Sleep Plan.

We have worked really closely with families of non sleepers for the past three years and we have put all of their feedback into creating this comprehensive new resource.

Your Bespoke Sleep Plan is way more than just some feedback, it’s your own mini guidebook about YOUR babies sleep.

[read more]

Understanding Sleep

understanding sleep

Whilst understanding sleep is not a sleep training package, our support can help you to explore what may be causing difficulties regarding your childs sleep allowing you to identify the solutions which are most suitable for your family. We look at different stages of development, the individual needs of your baby or child, your needs as a family and how we can create the right foundations for healthy sleep habits. Often we are able to offer suggestions to help you navigate the night times and to eradicate and influencing factors which could be negatively impacting your baby or child’s ability to transition through different phases of sleep through the night. Find out more.

(From £59 for a three week support package)



To take the first steps in discovering what might be keepong your family up at night, email

Bespoke Parenting Support 

Our bespoke parenting packages are for any parent who is feeling overwhelmed and is struggling to navigate their way through parenting choices and behaviours. We do this in complete partnership with you. We can’t and don’t teach you how to parent, you are the expert on your own child. What we can do is offer you the support and inspiration that you need to reach a place where you feel more confident and content. [read more]

Online Postnatal Support

Having a baby or babies is as exhausting and nerve wracking as it is joyfull! Our online postnatal support packages are a fantastic option if you are feeling a little lost and unsure. At just £15 per week we can be in touch daily to work through any concerns and this support can begin at any time from the moment your baby is born to around 9 months old. Rest assured, I have worked and studied extensively to aquire the knowledge and expertise that I use within Vesta every day. Crucially though, I am a mum. Triplets are a STEEP learning curve! I am un-shockable and truely believe that there is no such thing as a silly question.Online postnatal support is priced at £20 per week, £50 for a four week block or £90 for an eight week block.To sign up, please fill in our contact form or email

Online antenatal course

We are getting ready to launch our new online antenatal class. You can choose from: Preparing for your first baby Preparing for twins Preparing for triplets At Vesta Birth and Parenting, we will explore all types of birth utilising current research and anecdotal evidence gathered from parents just like you. The courses are targeted to ensure that as parents you can access the most relevant information for your circumstances. Our antenatal classes are all about helping you feel more confident and informed not about us pushing information onto you that we assume you would like. Resources will also be provided for you to keep. More information about the structure of the course is provided following your initial booking enquiry.

Private sessions may incur travel expenses (dependant upon location), this covers costs only. I do not charge for travelling time. Please contact me for a quote.  fedant-new-logoFEDANT National Registration Number 12674